Monday, January 10, 2011

The Tragedy of Snow

It's snowing right now and I have a snow day...which is supposed to be glorious and awesome but its not...why? you ask?

well i think its time for a list:

1. If it's snowing, then it's cold, so anything involving snow requires some hefty clothing and planning 30 minutes before in order to put all of the hefty clothing on.

2. You want to go out and do something with friends or with your dog or something on a snow day because you have this free day where you don't have to waste your time at school...but you can't.

it's snowing...

now I'm on saying that snow days are horrible, I'm just saying that thinking that snow days are wonderful and a lie.

3. For optimal snow days, you must not only have snow but something else such as sleet later on in the day or a ton of snow at about midnight the night of the snow day, this ensures a second snow day.

If none of this makes sense, it is perfectly OK...I am currently sick and I never really understand what comes out of my .... fingers?...when I'm sick

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  1. I imagined you shooting this blog out of your finger tips and onto the computer screen.