Monday, January 10, 2011

Like a Mobius Strip

So my friends are all inspirational and stuff and encouraged me to do BOW 2011, so here I am in the second week of 2011 posting my first blog of blogging once weekly. I already fail. Spectacular. But I wanted to give this a try, so here we go.

I managed to get a small part in my school's winter play, which means I only have to attend about one third of the rehearsals. I'm fine with this, in fact, it's great. I love theatre, but rehearsal every single day can be a bit much. At my first rehearsal the guy sitting next to me turned to the girl next to him and asked about her scarf. His question was: "Is that a mobius strip scarf?" Her answer was: "What's a mobius strip?" So the guy, the girl next to me, and I all launched into a nerdtastically enthusiastic explanation of a mobius strip, followed by a high five for nerdiness all around. But then I suddenly came over all inspired. Why shouldn't there be such thing as a mobius strip scarf? So there you have it. I went home and knitted a mobius strip scarf.
My pattern was generally as follows:
cast on 22 stitches
knit one row
purl one row
repeat until you have a scarf long enough to wrap around your neck twice
bring the ends together to make a loop, but twist one end so it's a mobius strip
knit back into the original row of cast on stitches and finish

That is my very general, very non-professional pattern for a mobius strip, but let me assure you, I was successful.

Yes, in the photos below I am wearing onesie pajamas.

And so concludes my first blog of 2011.
With craftynerdy love,


  1. I want one. With four colors. And that lights up when I clap.

    Also, is the title a reference to "Like a G6?"

  2. No, I was thinking of a song by The Postal Service actually. There's a lyric somewhere in there that says "like a mobius strip." I'm pretty sure. If I imagined it, I have a pretty admirable imagination and I am impressed with myself.

  3. Yeah, upon further research, it turns out I DID imagine it. I'm sure there IS a song with that line in it somewhere. I wonder which one...

  4. Is it Nelly Furtado's Hey Man?