Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Circus

Greetings humanoids, this is Kristen As Anna mentioned, we are in very circus-y moods. For Halloween this year we decided to dress up as wacky circus performers, metallic leggings and all! Since our school is so awesome, we showed off our too-toos there and later went to a small park on a slightly busy street. When we were there Anna tried to juggle while balancing on one leg and I twirled my crystal sticks, I certainly hope we didn't cause any accidents because I am sure we looked at least a smidgen crazy. At one point, a tweenage girl and her younger brother came over and sat about 30 feet away from us, they just were watching us as we were frolicking in the sun.


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Anna's Circus Act

Recently, in true dilettante spirit, I have been dabbling. It all started with charlieissocoollike's video about learning to juggle. I have always wanted to learn to juggle, but never succeeded. I was inspired, and a little jealous, but I did nothing about it. Then one fine summer evening, I spent the night at Kristen's house. As we are very unusual people, this was not your run-of-the-mill giggle and tell secrets and paint each other's toenails and talk about our feelings sleepover. Aside from the fact that we fell asleep reading the constitution on her iPad as a bedtime story, at one point she handed me juggling balls as she left the room and said, "practice." So I did. For two hours.
Now, after a great deal of practice, I can successfully juggle. Not well, not for an obscenely long time, and I can't do any tricks, but I can confidently say that I can juggle now.

My current endeavor: learning to unicycle. This one is going to take a lot more practice.


Old News - ALL CAPS video contest!

In a previous (possibly our first every) blog post, we talked about entering Straburry17's ALL CAPS video contest. Well, it's several months' old news now but...


We are very very very very very grateful to Strawburry17 for picking us, and even after several months, we are still in shock. Maybe once we come out of this comatose-like shock, we will post a video about it. We are hoping to do a behind the scenes video. We will see.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Musical Fiction - by Anna

For my writing class, I recently wrote a story based loosely on the song of my choice. I actually chose two songs: I Love You, and I Love Brains by ALL CAPS. I mean, really, they just go together. Here is the story I wrote:

Once upon a time there was a boy and a car. One fair evening he was driving along and a girl appeared in the car. When he saw her, he screamed; he had never seen a girl before. Then his favorite song came on the radio, but she started singing along before he did, and that is how he knew he loved her. As they were driving along they saw a zombie in the road. The girl clambered out her window and pranced up to the zombie.

“Oh man, I hate freakin' zombies!” cursed the boy, as he opened his car door and ran in the opposite direction.

When he realized she was not following, he turned back, but another zombie tackled him to the ground. It was alright, though, because the girl had a shotgun and fought off the zombies single-handedly while the boy received only minor injuries from the encounter.

“It bit your arm!” cried the girl.

“It's only a minor injury,” said the boy, waving it off casually.

As they skipped off into the sunset hand-in-hand, the infection from the minor injury spread slowly up the boy's body. When the girl felt his hand begin to erode in hers, she turned to the boy and saw him foaming at the mouth. This was very upsetting, so she did what we all know any sensible teenage girl would do when the love of her last ten minutes ends up a supernatural being: she asked him to bite her.

The girl, a once healthy and happy apparition, was now rotting from the inside out. She would have eaten the boy's brains right then and there, but his zombie transformation was complete, so she trotted off, losing a middle toe to a fallen branch on the way, to the local Applebee's. There, she found that although shoes and shirt were required for service, middle toes and general aspects of being alive were not. Chomping, munching, slurping, the zombie ate her waiter’s brains.

When the ghoulish boy, dead and yet alive, watched the girl trot off toward Applebee's, he felt no impulse to follow; he was hungry, and she was not food. Zombies cannot just eat other zombies, that would be cannibalism, and then you would have a plague of Mad Zombie Disease. Imagine, a pack of rotting corpses wandering around, spreading an incurable sickness!

So, just as suddenly as the girl had appeared, she disappeared. The boy, wondering why this did not seem to bother him, searched around the area for an answer, because we all know you can find the answer if you just look in the right places. There, on the ground about ten feet away from him, was his heart which had fallen out of his sickeningly dead chest. He carelessly tossed it over his shoulder; he would not be needing that anymore! So he set off following the wind, in search of a human brain to feast upon. Feet dragging, arm twitching, the zombie boy vaguely tried to remember what it was like to have feelings.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

School Supply Shopping - by Anna

One of the enormous benefits of being a senior at my school (and also by coincidence of our school deciding to go "paperless" and therefore renting out netbooks to everyone) is that we hardly have to carry anything. The current contents of my backpack are as follows: Two spiral notebooks, one composition notebook, five two-pocket folders (only 3 in use) and one textbook that is actually quite small. There are also my basic essentials that I always have with me - my small pencil bag, my planner, and my calculator. When it all adds up, my backpack is actually quite light. In fact, I switched out my old backpack for a small biking backpack. But the best part is, I don't have to use my locker at all! In the past I would store my textbooks, folders, binders, notebooks, backup stash of pens and pencils, purse, etc. But this year I need very little, I have no binders to swap out between classes, and only one textbook! Now, with the added weight of the computer bag and the netbook, that's another story, but I think I could really get used to this minimalism.

So Kristen and I went school supply shopping for the very few things we needed, and I am proud to say I got it all for $5. Kristen had to spend an extra $5 for a binder for AP Biology, but seriously, what a deal! And when we spread it all out to put our names on everything, it was just so colorful and cheery, we couldn't resist taking a picture. Here's to low-stress, successful back-to-school shopping!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

What is the Point?

I am sorry to tell you that there will be no ukulele chords or an iPod music video. It is just me. That is all that I can give you. I feel like I must find something creative and exciting for my first blog to follow suit from Anna and Maggie, however, I am currently waiting in an airport and there is just nothing creative and exciting to document.

Since no one has really introduced the blog or the purpose of it then I guess I will explain what we would like to do with this blog project. I can only speak for myself but I believe this is what all of us would like to accoplish. All of us are friends (obviously) and we share a lot of interests and ideas but there is always a portion of them that we are not involved in. Even though we respect our different interests, we know little about these "hidden" interests.

Since I can only speak directly for myself and I think that Anna and Maggie will echo these thoughts. We want to use this blog to mesh all of our interests together, the ones that we share (like the music video, and I also play the uke) and the ones that we don't. This blog will be filled with stories, poems, venting, vlogs, music videos, pictures, anything that inspires us.

Here is my first contribution:

Like I said, I am in an airport waiting on a flight, my mom had to drop me off early because she had a doctor appointment and this is the first time that I am going to be flying alone. It's kinda exciting and pretty scary. Its not like I do not know the process of security and how airports work, but the fact that I am on my own to fend for myself quite honestly freaks the *beep* out of me. I have to tell you that I think I'm pretty well traveled and I know how to carry myself in public situations with luggage and what-not so its less scary then it may be for some people. The reason why I am even on this flight alone is because my dad has a conference in Portland. This seemed like a good enough reason to look at colleges in the Pacific Northwest, specifically Portland and Seattle. I figure that I may as well get used to flying alone because in just one short year, I may have to do this about 4 or 5 times a year. Back to the present, I have another hour until my plane is scheduled to take off. I am just typing in text edit and I will keep you updated on the experience of flying alone. Have I told you that I leave KC and then go to Denver and then from Denver I switch planes and then I fly to Salt Lake City and THEN I just stay on the plane and then that goes to Portland *hypervenatlating* ok, calm down Kristen, everything will be allllllriiight....

(a couple hours pass)

Alright, I have a story to tell you. First, I always travel with a wrist watch, ALWAYS. This makes sense because I'd rather just not turn my cell phone on, not to mention I am not completely sure how to turn it into Airplane Mode. If i have another flight to catch then I'm going to want to know what time it is, right? Yes, right, so I look at my watch and it is 11:00 when I am walking up those tunnels from the airplane to the terminal and my connecting flight is supposed to leave at 11:30!!! I have no idea where I am supposed to go because I've never flown through Denver! I run down from the gate I just left (C47) and run to where the signs say C1 to C31 because my gate that I need to be at is C30.  I finally get to the gate and they are JUST starting to board. Whew! I barely made it. But wait, why does the sign say that its boarding for Tampa..that doesn't make I have the wrong gate? No. Salt Lake City and Portland definately flashed along the screen. What is going on? My plane isn't going to Florida and then to Oregon, thats rediculous! So I start to freak out a little bit...ok a lotta bit...then I find a person and ask if the next flight is going to portland and he said yes at 11:30...this is the 10:30 flight....Oh man...I definately forgot about the time change between KC and Denver didn't I? yep!

After my freak out I just sat down and ended up talking to a nice middle-aged man (who happened to be working on a mac *salute*) Then my flight to Portland went fine! Well as fine as sitting next to mormon who thought catholic school was definitely not what it is..other than that, she was delightful!


Saturday, July 31, 2010

ALL CAPS - You're My iPod

For a long time--over a year--we have had this amazing plan to do a music video for this song with a person in an iPod costume, but we honestly expected someone to think of it first. So this summer, we got an HD video camera and made the video! Next thing we knew, there was an ALL CAPS music video contest so we entered! I believe the contest ends today.

ALL CAPS - You're My iPod

The making of the iPod costume

Thursday, July 29, 2010

"But Instead" - Original Ukulele Song by Anna

Watch it on YouTube
This is a quick little song I wrote one fine day when I should have been doing other things. The lyrics and chords are as follows.

 D  A  D  G  A  D

 I want to go outside but it's so freaking hot
I want to eat some lunch but the leftovers have gone to rot
I've got a script to memorize for a play that's pretty cool
I'm going on a trip and getting back the first day of school

It's summertime I got things to do
But at the same time I don't want to
I should be doing something productive
but instead I'm doing this

I've got new shoes to break in but nowhere to go
The summertime should be fun but often isn't so
I've got service hours I need to complete
but making videos is also pretty neat


I swapped clothes with my friends because I'm sick of mine
I'm trying to write a song and finding it difficult to rhyme
I've got summer homework to do but my arms are tired and sore
'cause I'm learning to juggle and keep dropping balls on the floor