Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ministry of Magic music video contest

Recently we entered (and did not win) the Ministry of Magic music video contest. Our idea was to do the song "The Curse" which would involve filming in low-light situations (sunset and sunrise) and lots of running. Some might turn away from the challenge, but we took it on with great excitement. We started with writing out our ideas for different verses and generally writing all over a sheet of the lyrics. Then we moved on to costuming which would require a vest, a fedora, and a wolf mask. We made our rounds at the thrift stores and bought some brown and black foam in order to make a mask. Unfortunately the low lighting of the videos means you can't really see the mask, but trust us, it's awesome. One evening Maggie and I journeyed out to a park with a large hill and filmed an entire sunset, and our official filming began on New Years day at dawn. Yeah, we didn't sleep that night. It was bitterly cold every time we filmed despite all the hats, scarves, earmuffs, and gloves we bundled up with from Maggie's trunk. I have to say, however, that the final product was totally worth it. Maggie is an awesome editor and I'm so thankful she enjoys doing that.
"The Curse" Music Video
"The Curse" behind the scenes

you should totally check it out, and our other Agent Ninja Face Productions.

P.S. the scene with the werewolf waking up on the ground and the Teenage Werewolf bit were my ideas. Yeah, I'm proud of them.

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  1. Hey Anna. I love you. I missed you. And I want to make sure that they still see the video. Because you guys did a fantastic job acting in it.