Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Circus

Greetings humanoids, this is Kristen As Anna mentioned, we are in very circus-y moods. For Halloween this year we decided to dress up as wacky circus performers, metallic leggings and all! Since our school is so awesome, we showed off our too-toos there and later went to a small park on a slightly busy street. When we were there Anna tried to juggle while balancing on one leg and I twirled my crystal sticks, I certainly hope we didn't cause any accidents because I am sure we looked at least a smidgen crazy. At one point, a tweenage girl and her younger brother came over and sat about 30 feet away from us, they just were watching us as we were frolicking in the sun.


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Anna's Circus Act

Recently, in true dilettante spirit, I have been dabbling. It all started with charlieissocoollike's video about learning to juggle. I have always wanted to learn to juggle, but never succeeded. I was inspired, and a little jealous, but I did nothing about it. Then one fine summer evening, I spent the night at Kristen's house. As we are very unusual people, this was not your run-of-the-mill giggle and tell secrets and paint each other's toenails and talk about our feelings sleepover. Aside from the fact that we fell asleep reading the constitution on her iPad as a bedtime story, at one point she handed me juggling balls as she left the room and said, "practice." So I did. For two hours.
Now, after a great deal of practice, I can successfully juggle. Not well, not for an obscenely long time, and I can't do any tricks, but I can confidently say that I can juggle now.

My current endeavor: learning to unicycle. This one is going to take a lot more practice.


Old News - ALL CAPS video contest!

In a previous (possibly our first every) blog post, we talked about entering Straburry17's ALL CAPS video contest. Well, it's several months' old news now but...


We are very very very very very grateful to Strawburry17 for picking us, and even after several months, we are still in shock. Maybe once we come out of this comatose-like shock, we will post a video about it. We are hoping to do a behind the scenes video. We will see.