Wednesday, August 25, 2010

School Supply Shopping - by Anna

One of the enormous benefits of being a senior at my school (and also by coincidence of our school deciding to go "paperless" and therefore renting out netbooks to everyone) is that we hardly have to carry anything. The current contents of my backpack are as follows: Two spiral notebooks, one composition notebook, five two-pocket folders (only 3 in use) and one textbook that is actually quite small. There are also my basic essentials that I always have with me - my small pencil bag, my planner, and my calculator. When it all adds up, my backpack is actually quite light. In fact, I switched out my old backpack for a small biking backpack. But the best part is, I don't have to use my locker at all! In the past I would store my textbooks, folders, binders, notebooks, backup stash of pens and pencils, purse, etc. But this year I need very little, I have no binders to swap out between classes, and only one textbook! Now, with the added weight of the computer bag and the netbook, that's another story, but I think I could really get used to this minimalism.

So Kristen and I went school supply shopping for the very few things we needed, and I am proud to say I got it all for $5. Kristen had to spend an extra $5 for a binder for AP Biology, but seriously, what a deal! And when we spread it all out to put our names on everything, it was just so colorful and cheery, we couldn't resist taking a picture. Here's to low-stress, successful back-to-school shopping!

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